Reset & Rebalance

This is the first consultation, first step and foundation to awakening your health, wellness and happiness that lives in you.

This initial Fresh Start Consultation allows me to learn more about you, your health goals, assess your dietary and supplement patterns and go over your health history forms you filled out and emailed prior to your consultation.

If you have struggled to make health choices in the past and nothing has worked, this new approach can help you to stay focused allowing you to start seeing results in as little as two weeks.

  • 75 Minute Full Comprehensive review of your current and past medical history, past blood pathologies, your goals and health and wellness plan
  • Individualised Naturopathic Program to determine direction of treatment
  • Specialised Supplement recommendations based on your individual health Concerns

We believe in:

  • Addressing the cause of the problem not just the symptoms
  • Motivation and direction for your goals with your program
  • A path to wellness with lifelong lifestyle changes easy for you to maintain


Price $150.00

If your always tired, your weight isn’t what you want it to be and your skin is looking dull… there is a good chance your body needs to reset

Are you ready to start changing your old eating habits?

Are you ready to get started on your own path to healthy living?

Do you want to eat better but just can’t stick with it?

Are you curious about healthy lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

If yes, then the Reset and Rebalance Guide is a perfect way to start.

The Reset and Rebalance motivates you to overhaul your diet and lifestyle and take control of your health and happiness.

This 1 week Reset and Rebalance Guide is designed to teach you how to;
• BOUNCE out of BED and wake up feeling fresh
• Have no more Afternoon energy dips
• DECREASE cravings for Sugar, Salt & Fatty Foods
• Teach you how to have a LEAN, FIT & VIBRANT body
• SLOW down the Ageing process if you choose to make it part of your everyday lifestyle
• Have a STRONGER more ROBUST Immune System
• INCREASE you Athletic Performance
• INCREASE you Flexibility & Recovery form Joint Pains & Injury
• Have Clear, Soft & Supple Skin & Shiny Hair
• INCREASE you Libido
Restore your health and vitality and start your new chapter with ‘Your Health Expert’

Price $59.95

* Note: This is no fad diet so if your looking for instant over night results this is not for you. This is not a fad dietary guide, we teach people long-lasting dietary and lifestyle changes. We don’t promise weight loss (its only water your first losing) through an unhealthy unbalanced boring and unappealing diet. This is an easy to follow guide on a long term basis.