Biopharma Nano EPA Mango Peach


nanoEPA is a solution for those who need omega-3 fatty acids in their diet (which is everyone!). When you taste our nanoEPA emulsified fish oil in mango peach flavor, you will find it hard to believe it is actually a cod liver oil supplement. It is so creamy and delicious, it tastes like dessert on a spoon! Even kids line up at the fridge for it. Even better, there are no fish burps or fishy after taste, and our liquid fish oil supplement is 300% more absorbable than pills.

And like all of our products, we take it a few steps further and add additional supplements to give you optimal health benefits while keeping your supplement stash minimal. We’ve added vitamin D, a vitamin E complex and tocotrienols to our nanoEPA mango peach to create a power-packed health supplement. We also enhance the absorption for better results.


Provides (per tsp):
• 360 mg EPA/DHA
• Incredible Taste!
• 300% More Absorption
• 500 IU Vit. D + All 8 Vit. E’s
• MaxPure™ Process
• No heavy metals
• No PCBs / Dioxins
• No contaminants

How To Enjoy: Shake well. Take 2 teaspoons daily or as directed by your Health Professional. Can be taken straight or mixed into water, juice, milk, yogurt, or added to your nano shake.

Children under 12 take ½ serving.

IMPORTANT: I am a food! Must be refrigerated upon arrival. Consume within 6 weeks of opening. Product is guaranteed for 90 days from date of invoice and only if stored properly.

Be your own mixologist! nanoEPA is delicious when mixed with other nanos too. Our favorite way is with coconut or unsweetened almond milk!

When to take it: nanoEPA is great any time of day. We love to take ours first thing in the morning to increase awesomeness and give you what you need to take on the world.

Wake up. Shake it up. #nanolove

The Standard Diet is deficient in omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA), especially, EPA & DHA. The best dietary source of EPA & DHA is non-farmed (wild) fatty fish. For those who do not eat much wild fatty fish or have dificulty with fish oil pills, nanoepa DHA offers the superior, more complete and incredibly delicious alternative. And because nanoepaDHA is emulsified, it is up to 3x more absorbable and potent! As fatty fish are also the best dietary source of Vitamin D3, emulsified D3 has been added. Because fish oils are susceptible to oxidation, both in the bottle and the body, a powerful emulsified natural vitamin E complex (4 tocotrienols and 4 tocopherols) has been included.


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