4 Week Kickstart Program

Kickstart Program is designed to look at your overall lifestyle and eating habits and give you the correct food and lifestyle so you can boost your energy levels in as little as a week.  Once you undergo the required tests at your health expert then we can take you through the changes you need to make in order to get you energy back and reduce fatigue, exhaustion and stress.

8 Week Kickstart Energy & Vitality Program

Do you want to Find out the truth behind what’s holding you back from feeling Full of Energy on a Daily Basis?

In this program you will;

• BOUNCE out of BED and wake up fresh
• Have no more Afternoon energy dips
• DECREASE cravings for Sugar, Salt & Fatty Foods
• Teach you how to have a LEAN, FIT & VIBRANT body
• SLOW down the Ageing process if you choose to make it part of your everyday lifestyle
• Have a STRONGER more ROBUST Immune System
• INCREASE you Athletic Performance
• INCREASE you Flexibility & Recovery form Joint Pains & Injury
• Have Clear, Soft & Supple Skin & Shiny Hair
• INCREASE you Libido
The 8 week Kickstart Energy & Vitality Program consist of 3 weeks of preparation, 8 weeks of the ‘Kickstart Energy & Vitality Program’ and 1 of week maintenance, so you get better results with time for preparation and Maintenance.

What you will get;

  • Energy & Vitality pre & post Questionnaire
  • 8 Energy & Vitality Tracking Journal and Emotional Log
  • Food Reintroduction Symptoms Tracker
  • Detailed Information Explaining the reasons behind why you have depleted energy levels
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidelines for Boosting Energy
  • Quick Easy 10min Energy Dense, Wheat/Gluten/Dairy and Soy Free Recipes
  • Food plan rich in energy dense phyto-nutrients
  • Energy & Vitality Calender to guide you through your program
  • Your own login details to a private Online Dashboard with lots of downloads, handouts and recipes.
  • Admin
    1 email or phone call per week for 8 weeks with questions you may have $195.00
  • Facebook and Instagram access (Free)
  • Energy Affirmations (Free)

In Clinic Consultations

  • 1 Fresh Start Consultation (week 1) $150.00
  • Zinc/Blood type/pH Testing $79.95
  • Personalised Intergrated Medicine Consult (week 2) $245
  • Follow up Consultation (week 3) to discuss lab results, & Program $150
  • Follow up Consultation (week 6) $150.00
  • Follow up Consultation (week 9) $150.00
  • Follow up Personalised Intergrated Medicine Consultation (week 12) $245

TOTAL: $1169.95
Pathology Tests

Pre and Post Program Laboratory Testing
$ 709.00


  • Personalised Supplements based on you lab results $150.00
  • Vegan Protein Complete Super-Energy Protein Blend $132.00
  • Nitrogenesis Vitamin & Mineral Blend for Energy $149.95
  • Adrenal Rebalancing powder $39.95
  • Adrenal Herbs $55.00
  • High Grade Naturopathic Fish Oil $ 45.95
  • High Grade Probiotic $39.95
  • (Note: This is a 1 month Supply of Supplements)

$2686.80 for 12 weeks = $223.90 (Weekly) = $31.99 per day

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Pay only $2550.00
Change your Health, Change your Life!
Start your new chapter with ‘Your Health Expert’ and Live the Life your Truly meant to live Full of ENERGY, VIBRANCE & VITALITY…