Kickstart Your Energy Levels Learn how to feel your best everyday Boost Immunity & Detox Find Your Inner Peace & Greater Flexibility Reduce Stress & Nurture Your Body

Kickstart Your Energy Levels

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, exchausted, unmotivated, overwhelmed? Lets us get you back on track in no time...Find out what it is that is holding your body back from feeling that burst of energy when you wake up every morning and holds you stable all throughout the day...

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Learn how to feel your best everyday

Every food has its own energy and frequency...learn which ones vibrate to your cells needs and feel the differences you make becoming more aware and intuitive of what it is your body actually needs and desires...

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Boost Immunity & Detox

Your body may be struggling to keep up with your lifestyle, or you often find yourself sick, or dragging yourself out of bed, always feeling not your true self or suffering from allergies and skin conditons...

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Find Your Inner Peace & Greater Flexibility

Optimal Health doesn't come without reaching your inner peace, meet Gloria out Yoga Queen and restore your inner peace to balance your mind body and spirit...boost energy, immunity, self love, lean muscle mass and reduce stress and anxiety amongst numerous other benefits...

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Reduce Stress & Nurture Your Body

Visit our Retreat in Mollymook and meet Clare, Nurture and Heal your body from the inside out...Stay the weekend and take time out to have a one on one nutritional consultation and learn how to cook quick delicious healthy recipes that will fit in with your lifestyle needs and personalised to your health goals...

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Reset & Rebalance

This is the first consultation, first step and foundation to awakening your health, wellness and happiness that lives in you.

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4 Week Kickstart Program

Kickstart Program is designed to look at your overall lifestyle and eating habits and give you the correct food and lifestyle…

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Our Retreat

At Your Health Expert we have our very own retreat called “Retreat By The Sea”.  It is located on the stunning…

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About Clare

My name is Clare and I am an Integrated Medicine Practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition.

I’ve being practising for the past 14 years since 2001 and I specialize in helping people with fatigue, exhaustion and lack of energy who struggle to get through their day due to underlying issues which prevent you from living your life to your full potential. I give people back their energy by finding out the underlying problems alongside healthy lifestyle changes with radically convenient real food for your modern fast paced life (Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Wheat and Sugar Free) correctly teaching you how to refuel, repair, replete and regenerate your energy levels! I’m extremely passionate and driven to help you reach and achieve all your health goals, I believe in giving you the knowledge and therefore the power to change your life and start your new beginning…

I travelled from NZ to Australia in 2001 and completed my Diploma in Nutrition and Advanced Certificate in Nutrition at The College of Natural Therapies in the city of Sydney, at the same time as completing her Bachelor of Health Science 4 year Degree at the University of New England in Armidale NSW.  I have also done countless other postgraduate courses in Natural Integrated Medicine in the past 11 years since completing her diploma and degree. I have also studied with the American and Australian Academy of Antiageing Medicine and is a member of A5M

From the age of 16 I suffered from extreme fatigue, stress, exhaustion, gut bloating, constipation, severe gut cramping, wheat/Gluten/Dairy intolerance, skin, weight and thyroid problems. I went to a number of doctors and specialists whom provided me with no enlightenment on the subject and nobody could answer my questions. I was frustrated unhealthy and not happy so I decided to leave my family in NZ and began my journey in 2001 in the natural medicine industry. Ive met some amazing people and learnt an incredible amount of information which I now want to share with you. My diet has never being as exciting and satisfying as it is now, I’ve regained my health and vitality, and now have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. I’m extremely happy to have being given the opportunity to share my knowledge and insights with you, and I hope that your’ll benefit as much as I have from the many ways you can increase your energy levels, de stress and
enliven your mind, body and spirit.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Healthy Regards


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